Spiral Window Balances
Removal and Installation Guidelines

Spiral Window Balances are easy to replace if you follow these simple removal
and installation guidelines. You must take care not to damage the accessory parts
(tilt mechanisms, sash carriers or spiral bar clips), and always use the appropriate
Tensioning Tool when adjusting the spiral rods. If you notice any of the accessory parts
are worn or damaged when you remove the sash, we recommend you replace them at
the same time you replace the window balance. This will save you from possibly having
to remove the sash again to replace the accessories.



Step 1
Tilt Window Sash Removal

A. Raise the sash and tilt it inward by retracting the tilt latches.
B. Press down on the side of the sash. This will allow for sash removal from the frame.
C. Gently remove sash stops and vinyl balance covers when necessary .

Step 2
Tilt Window Balance Removal
Step 3
Balance Installation
The spiral rod is retained by the tilt
mechanism (lock shoe).


The spiral rod is retained by the
sash carrier.
A. Grasp spiral rod with the appropriate Tensioning Tool Part # H3788.
B. Release the tension of the spiral rod.
C. Allow the spiral rod to unwind
    slowly, releasing the tension.
D. Remove the screws at the top of
    each balance.

A. Attach the new balance to the
    jamb with a #8 or #10 x 1-1/2"
    sheet metal screw through the
    top hole in the balance.
B. Grasp the spiral rod with the    appropriate Tensioning Tool Part # H3787
C. Turn clockwise approximately six full
     turns. Replace spiral rod into
     the tilt mechanism or retainer clip.
D. Replace sash and check operation.
  NOTE: If sash will not stay in raised position, use the Tensioning Tool and increase the number of clockwise turns of the spiral rod.
If sash will not stay in closed position, use the Tensioning Tool and reduce tension with counter-clockwise turns of the spiral rod.