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Handle Set and Lock Introduction and Selection Guide

Handle Types

Flush Mount Handle Sets
Most Flush Mount Handle Sets, for example, Flush Mount Sliding Glass Door Handle Set C1045, come with an assortment of four (and, sometimes, five) locking hook lengths. Because so many door manufacturers have used this handle, all having various door stile widths and keeper types, the only way to adjust the closing tightness of the door jamb is to change the locking hook.

There are two common styles of latching hooks available. The hook on the most common style points upward, and is positioned lower in the latch (see Flush Mount Sliding Glass Door Handle Set C1043).

The second type has the hook pointed down, and is positioned a bit higher in the latch body (see Mid-Latch Flush Mount Door Handle Set C1123).

Both types are available, but not interchangeable.

Larger Flush Handle Sets, such as C1030 and AR44300 operate mortise locks within the door stile. Be sure to pick replacement mortise locks having a 22-1/2 degree actuator slot (see AR18470 or AR18479

Flush Handles fit a minimum door stile thickness of 1”. However, one manufacturer made a door stile which was 7/8” thick. This door used a Flush Handle inside and a Surface Mounted Pull Outside. Today this handle can be replaced with C1130 Flush Mount sliding Glass Door Handle Set

If a pull is needed to be used with the Flush Mount Handle Set it has to be chosen by matching the distance between the centers of the mounting holes of the Flush Mount Handle Set and the Flush Mount Handle Set Pull. For example, CRL Pulls C1034, C1192, C1067, C1196 with 6-5/8" distance between the centers of the mounting holes can be used on Flush Mount Handle Sets with 6-5/8" distance between the centers of the mounting holes, such as C1123, C1134, C1240.

Hook Type Surface Mount Handle Sets

First measure the distance between the mounting holes, and then check the latching hook profile height. Measure from the face of the door to the underside of the hook. The most common is 3/8" (see C1000). Also available is Handle Set C1003 with a 9/16" high profile height.

Most handles of this type have reversible hook latches for left and right handing of the handle. Also, most handles can be modified to be key-operable from the outside when selecting one of the Outside Pull and Key Cylinder Housings.
Outside Pulls and Key Cylinder Housings
The most popular Outside Pull with Key Cylinder is C1041, which is also available non-keyed. Outside pulls with key cylinders, such as C1049, have a key cylinder with a composite keyway cut. That means it will work with Kwikset, Weiser or Weslock key profiles. Schlage specific key cylinders are also available: item E2103.
Clamp Type Surface Mount Handle Sets
Clamp Type Handle Sets are designed on aluminum frame doors manufactured in the Western United States. When measuring for replacement, always compare the clamp profile while the clamp is in the locked position (please, refer to the diagram bellow). Some clamps, such as C1077 have an extended clamp reach, while C1162 has a flexible spring-loaded clamp that will accommodate taller jamb locking fins.

Mortise Type Surface Mount Handle Sets (for use with Mortise Locks)
The thumb lever that actuates the mortise lock will either be centered on the handle or offset lower, which prevents fingers from bumping into the thumb lever. Nearly all of these Handles are reversible (refer to the product description for individual details). Many exterior pulls can be modified to accept a Key Housing, for example E2146 (check the product description for reference to a specific key housing).

Please, note, drilling or modifying the Handle for the purpose of adding a key cylinder housing is the responsibility of the installer, rendering the Handle non-returnable.

Mortise Locks
To properly select your door lock, please, follow these steps:

1. First, determine the type or brand of Glass Door Lock that you need to replace. One method is to look at the slotted hole through the upper body of the lock . This hole will either be enclosed or open to the back of the body. Although both locks appear similar, there is a difference in their operation. Locks having enclosed slotted holes only require a 45 degree turn of the keyway to move the hook from fully retracted (unlocked) to fully extended (locked) position (please, compare locks E2014 and E2171).

2. Second, determine the keyway position when the latch hook is in the locked (fully extended) position.  There are three possible positions:


It is important that the replacement lock's keyway matches that of the original lock, otherwise, the Key Cylinder in the Handle may not interface properly.

3. Third, determine if the lock has a square cut face or the face is rounded at the top and bottom. Round and Square Face Locks are not interchangeable, so this specification is very important when selecting a replacement lock.

All Mortise Locks have an adjustable hook projection feature. Once the Lock and the Keeper have been installed, the hook can easily be adjusted by turning the slotted screw located on the face of the lock just above the hook. Adjusting the hook projection will provide a tight seal of the door edge against the door jamb.
Be careful to determine the center-to-center measurements of the mounting holes. This dimension is critical, and leaves no room for error. Many locks have mounting holes dimensions that appear similar, but a variance of even 1/16" (1.6 mm) can make it impossible to install a new lock that has mounting holes with a different center-to-center dimension from the original lock.
Internal Lock Handle Sets
Die cast Handle and Latch assembly with Wood Pull.  Die cast latching Cog is to be installed inside the door stile.
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