CRL Retractable Screen Door
Maintenance and Adjusting Guide

All sliding doors require periodic maintenance. If your retractable door doesn't slide as freely or retract as completely as it did when it was first installed, follow these few steps:
1. Check the bottom channel for dirt and dust, clean if necessary.
2. Check that the mohair or weather stripping is positioned correctly in the top and bottom channels. A common problem to look for is if the mohair wasn't staked into the channel to prevent it from sliding, a portion of the weather stripping may have slid into the edge of the cassette causing it to bind with the screen cloth. If necessary, remove the top and bottom rail, reposition the weather stripping, then stake in place with either a pair of pliers or a slotted screwdriver and mallet.
3. For doors not retracting back into the cassette, it may be necessary to add more tension to the retraction spring, to do this please read the attached page of instructions; "Adjusting the Door Spring Tension".
4. During the initial cutting of the door to size, there may be metal shavings left in the cassette. Over time these shavings may settle into the bottom of the cassette and may prevent the screen tube from turning freely. To remove these shavings you will need to remove the door, (follow the instructions for removing the end cap as stated in "Adjusting the Door Spring Tension"). Once the end cap closest to the floor has been removed, (spring end or not), check that no metal shavings or dirt has accumulated in the bottom of the cassette or bushing. Also check that the end of the screen roller tube is free of any burrs from the initial cutting.

Retractable Screen Door
How to Adjust the Spring Tension

1. Remove the door and lay on flat surface.
2. Determine which end of the cassette has the torsion spring attached. Since both end caps look alike, it may be necessary to pick one end and remove the two screws in the end.
3. Holding the cassette firmly, pull the end cap 1/2" from the end of cassette. Keep a firm grasp on the end cap, as it will want to twist as soon as it disengages from the end of the cassette. You will notice immediately if you have the correct end. If the cap is loose (no twist), re-attach and proceed to the opposite end.
4. To increase the tension, wind the end cap clockwise to or four turns at a time. Replace the end cap and reinstall the screws.
5. To decrease the tension, remove two or four twists counter-clockwise of the end cap.
6. Re-install door and test for proper pull tension.