How to Order Window Channel Balances:

Shown above is a 1/2" Window Channel Balance. On the chart linked below you will find the channel you need to replace a broken or defective window balance. Also listed below are instructions on how to place an order and some helpful hints to make ordering easier.
1. After removing the channel to be replaced, measure the metal
portion only. All channel measurements listed in the charts below
are for the metal portion only. The majority of balances will
measure to the full inch, however, some are cut to half inch
increments. (These are available only on special order).
2. Check the back side of the channel and locate the number
stamped into the metal. This number will either be four numbers
or two numbers and a letter. For example: 2720 or 27B.
3. Taking the measurement and the stamped number, refer to the
chart below and locate the Catalog Number. If you have an 18"
channel length and the number stamped on the channel to be
replaced is 1720, the Catalog Number is 60-172. A 15" channel with a stamped number of 14A would require Catalog Number 60-141. Also check the vent weight (in pounds) listed for the channel to help assure proper channel selection.
4. All channels are packaged with two replacement rivets, and are
sold individually.
5. If top and bottom guides need to be replaced, you will find a
complete list on the following pages. Note: Channels and guides
are ordered separately.
6. For more information about ordering options of Window
Channel Balances, refer to the Window Channel Balance
Ordering Tips located to the right.

Window Channel Balance Ordering Tips:

If you're replacing only a few Window Channel Balances:
    1. If the top and bottom guides on the balance you are replacing are in good working order, they can be reused and only the channel needs to be replaced.
    2. If the guides on the original balance are damaged, replacement kits containing top and bottom guides, rivets and take-out clips are available.
    3. All guide installations require a rivet setting tool.

B. If you're replacing 10 or more Window Channel Balances, the following option is available to you:    
     1. Order the channels and guides separately. Top and bottom guides, rivets, take-out clips and other accessories are sold separately. A Rivet Setting Tool, is required for installation.

Channel Balance Selection Chart